Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm the starving artist type

Hey! So big news since I last posted. I'm going to go for it...I'm going to be a starving artist when April rolls around! (but hopefully not starving for long; Kevin intends to feed me I think.=) I talked my boss last week about my decision to pursue writing full-time. He was all smiles! (strangely enough? haha) I think he could tell I was scared, because after he said "You need to do what's right for you" and I thanked him for understanding, he said, "What, did you think I was going to get mad at you or something?" haha. I said, "umm, no? I was just nervous because I care a lot about this job too." He was so understanding and he know's I'll be an all star trainer before I hand the baton off to the next person.

So bottom line, it went extremely well. God's hand seemed to be all over that decision, for so many reasons. The number one was my heart that wouldn't just let go of the idea. When you pray, HE WILL ANSWER. But man, taking the step to actually be obedient and give up a salary and just a great job is difficult when it comes down to knocking on the boss's door!

We've been talking about our "inner GPS" device in my setting goals class. The thinking behind this is that when you repeatedly visualize a goal (being a published, best-selling author, handing out your books and signing them...etc. etc) your mind does whatever it takes to get you there. Now it may not be in a plan or fashion that you created, but it will find a way to create that awareness and make actions that move you closer to your goal.

So when the career fair season (busiest recruiting time) is over, I will be waking up each morning at 6am to go for a walk and get inspired, and spend a few hours at my desk pouring over some masterpieces ;o) (ideal scenario). I'll also be able to keep the house nicer/cleaner and I already have so much peace!! I also am on the hunt for an awesome recruiter to replace myself with...so if you know of anyone who needs a job and is a rock star, let me know.

Man, God is so good. And I'm completely stoked for our writing group that started on Saturday at Panera. Some talented writers there ;o) feel free to come out, it's at Panera at 2pm in Davenport. Bring some stuff you've written and we'll critique each other's work in a professional and loving way. Or email it to me Oliviaishere2@aol.com and we'll add it to the mix.

Now, if God would just answer my prayers about the snow stopping. I'm looking out the window from Dunkin Doughnuts (where I left my debit card last weekend, and they saved it for me!) and looking at the mass of cars trying to drive through the messy, snowy roads. They're overlooked by the brightest white sky that hasn't changed in 36 hours. I can't run in this mess and I have a bad case of cabin fever that only 40+ temps and some blooms can solve (or a tropical vaca? lol). Only so many cups of tea can make the winter cozy, and then it's time for Spring. Freakin' Groundhog.

So what is God and your heart telling you to do?

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