Thursday, February 26, 2009

yoga and pilates pictures...ahh
How could I forget?!

And hopefully very soon we will be able to do all of these things!

When Yoga Meets Pilates

I'm teaching a yoga-lates class every Tuesday from 11:30-12:30 and Thursdays from 12:30-1:30 at Rock Church! (and probably Saturday mornings at 9:30 AM if there is enough of a response...not starting until March 14th)

It's a very holistic exercise class...aiming to improve alignment, strength, flexibility and breathing to relieve stress/relax.

In this hour, we let our worries go...and let our bodies have a breath of fresh air! Haha.  It's awesome. God has created our bodies so perfectly...the way they move and the way we've been blessed to move is SO AMAZING!  

My desire to become certified was inspired by a wonderful woman of God, Jeannine, who taught me how to love my body and really praise the Lord with it.  She was this GORGEOUS curly dark-haired, spunky, fun, amazing woman who came into my life for a short time when I was at Wheaton. She taught yoga, pilates, and ZUMBA! and MAN, could this woman dance.  She spoke fluent Spanish (also something I am working at learning)...I think she was from Brazil.  

I love people who inspire me to be a better human being. Especially those who you actually get to MEET! (and not just read)

PS. This is a very important, exciting day in my life. WE GOT INTERNET AT HOME! haha, so hopefully I will be online more.  We are finally normal and I can post in my jammies with a cup of coffee every morning!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Prayer and Revelation

One of my favorite writers/pastors is John Piper. He is a Wheaton College Grad and he also is just so full of the wisdom of God.

This is just something he wrote about prayer:

Life is war. That's not all it is. But it is always that. Our weakness in prayer is owing largely to our neglect of this truth. Prayer is primarily a wartime walkie-talkie for the mission of the church as it advances against the powers of darkness and unbelief. It is not surprising that prayer malfunctions when we try to make it a domestic intercom to call upstairs for more comforts in the den.

John Piper

God has really been speaking to me lately about prayer and its power...and my life needing so much more of it. It's been a while since I've really felt God leading me and speaking to me about something...and I'm so excited.

Contrary to my last entry, I feel so alive right now. I just feel like God is more real than EVER to me, and I feel that the truth needs to be spread in this dark country more than ever. I just read in my Bible about a day coming when people will want to twist the Bible's words to mean what they want it to...and we're still called to believe the truth of God's word. I'm experiencing a ton of crap in some of my classes right now...a "scholarly" approach to scripture that totally questions and undermines its authority. Gahh. It's hard to sit through those classes.

What has God been speaking to your heart about?


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cut finger, flu, and fainting

Okay, so this is how our week started out. Kev and I woke up feeling likecrap on Mondaymorning. I stayed home to get stuff done/sleep when the most eventful injury of my lifeoccurred. The reason my words keep slurring together is that i can hardly hit space bar. HAH! I cut my thumb like it was a soft potato...EWW! WARNING: if you have an ultimate mandoline from pampered chef, THROW IT AWAY or be careful. I forgot to use the safety thing because I must have misplaced it.

My finger started bleeding profusely, but i figured it was just a small cut and I'd be fine. However, I couldn't stop crying half an hour later...and sorry if this grosses you out but it wouldn't stop bleeding. SO my wonderful hubby came home and took me to the emergency room.

The emergency room peeps became our friends. we visited again the next morning because kevin passed out and knocked his head on the drywall, broke out in a sweat, and had a 102 fever. SO, in addition to taking care of my achy finger, i'mtaking care ofmy very miserable husband and we're both totally amped up on vikitin. (sp?) The problem is you have to eat food to take vikitin and we're so not hungry halfthe time. I'm going to refuse to believe that I have the flu too. However I'm all achy and headachy too.

It's hard taking care of someone! I've never had to do it before, especially for 3 days! It's now that i wish my mom could come wash our dishes, make us soup, and take care. I miss my mommy... and Kev misses his mom too. I feel like I'm not a good care-taker. Any tips??

Trying to stand on the foundation that "THE JOY OF THE LORD is my STRENGTH"

Help, help, help

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Imitation of Christ

Thomas Kempis has been totally rocking my theological views and challenging me like crazy in "The Imitation of Christ." It's a really old book (found at but there is a more modern version too.
It's my new favorite thing to read in my devotions. Here is an excerpt from today's reading:

The Sixth Chapter


WHEN a man desires a thing too much, he at once becomes ill at ease

. A proud and avaricious man never rests, whereas he who is poor and humble of heart lives in a world of peace. An unmortified man is quickly tempted and overcome in small, trifling evils; his spirit is weak, in a measure carnal and inclined to sensual things; he can hardly abstain from earthly desires. Hence it makes him sad to forego them; he is quick to anger if reproved. Yet if he satisfies his desires, remorse of conscience overwhelms him because he followed his passions and they did not lead to the peace he sought.

True peace of heart, then, is found in resisting passions, not in satisfying them. There is no peace in the carnal man, in the man given to vain attractions, but there is peace in the fervent and spiritual man.

I really like the high language it's written in because no ones talk

s like this makes it seem more full of wisdom! Today we love slang, abridged versions, and witty quotes. This book is not much of that but it's totally worth the time. It makes me want to savor my Christian life.

At the beginning he says "he who is poor and humble of heart living in a world of peace." I struggle finding a balance between desiring big financial goals, wanting to succeed and live in plenty vs. living an extremely modest life and giving away the wealth we earn. I feel like Jesus would do the second. He definitely wants us to be provided for, but why are we so quick to please ourselves? We buy all the gadgets, TVs, computers, phones...etc. but when it comes to a free will offering or even tithing it can be such a difficult check to write. If only we had eyes to see the spiritual...our desires would be so opposite! We say we don't ha

ve time to spend with Jesus, but we don't miss our favorite shows. It's, we never feel this struggle when we're doing missions in Costa Rica.

I just want to live in a world of peace....what do you think?


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do you look like anyone?

Sometimes people say I look like the Be Delicious girl. Do you look like anyone?

Okay. Question of the day: If you had one completely free day (yeah, right) and you could do only one thing and be in one place for that day, what and where would it be?

I absolutely adore books. I could spend every single one of my husband's paychecks at a bookstore or at buying books. Used book stores are my favorite because I get lotsa pages for my paycheck...haha, but if I just had one day I would spend it at Barnes N' Noble READING READING READING all day long. I love watching people there, and I love reading books from every section.

My ideal day -I think- would be: Work out every morning at 8 am, drink a big cup of coffee with vanilla creamer, go workout for 2 hours so I don't turn into a catapillar, drink a big protein shake, and spend the rest of the day reading and writing whatever I choose...I'd be SO EXCITED! I would need internet though, because without connecting with people for hours on end, I go a little crazy. And I want to learn sign language. I'd bring in tutors to teach me cool things! And I'd invite people over for tea all the time. Okay, I could only do this for a week. I have to switch up my life or I get reallly cabin-feverish.