Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So I have a new babysitting job. It's FABULOUS. Here's my haiku about it:

Twin one-year-old boys.
Vishnu and Anju are cute.
They are sleeping now.

I can get online/write when they're sleeping and they take 2 naps per day! This afternoon they're going to the doctor to get their 1 year old shots, so it may not be the most fun afternoon. But a typical day in the life is pretty fun.

I get here in the morning, where usually they're still asleep. When they wake up, I change their diapers, give them their bottles and feed them breakfast. Then onto bath time. It gets a little bit crazy when I give them both a bath at the same time, but usually their mom is here helping me watch one while I bathe the other one.

One can walk, and the other is pretty wobbly so he crawls most of the time. Then they take their morning naps before lunch and some afternoon play time. It's so cool to get to know another culture (Indian) and really feel welcome in their home.

I'll have to post a picture of them when I get one on my camera. But for's to twins!! (and the hope that they sprinkle lots of baby dust over me everyday.)

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J said...

I like this. A) they sound freaking adorable B) love their names..tho wouldnt kno how to say them C) yess to the baby dust. you're cute. --jess