Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Novel in a Month

Soooo....here it goes. I, Olivia Ryan, am writing a full-on 50,000 word novel in a month.
Maybe when I become a published author I will have a full inbox and actual comments on my blog ;o) Sometimes you feel loserish and sad when it seems like no one reads your blog. But hey, we can't start out famous and popular. It would make getting there way less fun.

I started yesterday and have 2,300 words so far. I'll be posting some updates...and I will need encouragement. It's so much fun to have free time to fill with things OTHER THAN Homework and classes.

I will be writing at lunch break, before work some mornings, and in the evenings after work. It's going to be quite an adventure!! I bought a sweet kit from B&N that will help me through and challenge me. Then, when I'm finished I can wear this sweet pin that says "Novelist!"

The book is called "The Ultimate Hotel" and it's a young adult fiction book.

A sneak peek of the main characters but very much subject to change, being that this is day 2:

Jackie Johnson- second out of eight children. She's the narrator. Cheeky girl. Dad is a lawyer; mom is a secretary at his firm in Colorado. They hire a nanny to take care of the kids during the day. Fifteen years old. Red curly hair. She is creative and funny, and everyone likes her. However, she resents her parents a lot for having so many kids because she never gets enough attention. She likes to be in the spotlight, so she resorts to being kind of rebellious because she wants to be noticed. Sometimes she can’t keep her mouth shut. Very creative but not very ‘book’ smart like most of her siblings.

Javen Lawrence-son of a very successful movie star mom, Cheryl Lynn. He is fourteen and lives a life of luxury. Lots of traveling. Dad is a producer. Parents got divorced when he was five, so he doesn’t really remember them together. He spends a month with his dad and his new wife in the summer. Otherwise he just sees his dad on holidays and one weekend a month. His mom has a jet that takes him wherever he needs/wants to be. Lives with his mom in California. Loves sports but has a private tutor so he can’t play on a school team regularly enough to get great. He has met every professional basketball and soccer/football star he wanted, thanks to his famous parents. He tries to stay out of the spotlight. Parents did a good job shielding him, but he definitely didn’t have a normal childhood.

Ava Marie Scott-is a shy girl. She has a couple close friends at school, and a tag along little sister. She’s brilliant. She skipped a grade, so she is in ninth grade but is only thirteen years old. She is awesome at science and math, but also receives the highest marks in her grade for reading and language arts. Her parents are extremely successful lawyers. They’re in Chicago for the law conference.

If you have any extra coffee, tea, donughts, or ideas you want to donate please feel free!

Wish me luck...


Anonymous said...

YAAAYYY LIVS!!! You have NO idea how excited this makes me... you have such a writer's heart and talent, and this is the way to start doing it! Can't wait for more updates... and of course a draft when its finished!!

david mcmahon said...

Good luck with your novel. The one attribute you need more than anything else is self-belief.

If you believe in your novel and the story it tells, then remember this: all it needs is just ONE person in the publishing world to share that belief, to see the spark in your writing. That's all. Just one solitary person.

About 18 months ago I wrote a 19-part series called ``Telling Write From Wrong'', dealing with a variety of queries from writers of all descriptions. Maybe there will be some very sueful information for you in that series.

Good luck. Don't forget to tell me when (not IF, but WHEN) you find a publisher .....

Laurs99 said...

Hi Olivia! I don't know if you remember me but this is Laura Dunn from Wheaton. We worked at Phonathon :) Anyway I saw on FB that you had this blog and decided to check it out. I really LOVED reading a few blogs and think you are a really fascinating, interesting author. It's cool to read about your life some :) Congrats on graduation and what sounds like a near-perfect marriage!

in Him,