Friday, May 1, 2009 I come!

So, I jumped on the Crossfit bandwagon as of yesterday, April 30 2009...and boy am I feeling it!!

Apparently, you get rediculous fit in a short amount of time! My back and arm muscles feel like they're about to bulge out right now! I did 21-15-9 clean+squats yesterday with the bar, and then 63-45-27 dips on a block. My triceps are crying out for mercy lol.

My lower body was already pretty in shape from running, so the 8 sets of 20 second squats weren't bad at all today...but the pullups, pushups, and for some reason situps were KILLER.

This is what I read on another Crossfit blog:
"Who says Crossfit girls aren't sexy?
The great objection to women exercising-namely, the fear of becoming muscular-is quite without foundation. It cannot be too often repeated that woman is not simply a weaker man: she is physically an entirely different being ... In women the muscles simply become firm, close-knit, and well-rounded, and show under the layer of fatty tissue intervening between muscle and skin only in soft, hardly discernible masses, just sufficiently to give a delicate moulding to the form."
*I'm not gonna lie, I don't really buy into this. Some of the girls on the website have BULGING masses in their arms, and I'm not really into that... so we'll see how it affects me.*

I kinda want to see what I look like with some serious muscle though , rather than just being fit from running. It'll be really fun. I'm always up for a challenge! And hey, what better way to end my COLLEGE CAREER (in 7 days AAAHHHHH) than SORE AS HECK ?!!

Oh what we humans will do for a hot bod! lol
Yoga tomorrow anyone?! we'll be stretching like crazy people. (that is if I can move...)

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AllieKYC said...

about yoga..
you have the classes at 9:30 on saturdays right?
because i really want to go :)