Friday, December 11, 2009

Moments of Bliss, Happiness, and Christmas

I am once again going to chicken out on the Blog I've been wanting to complete about my theology of suffering. What do I think God wants? Where does the Bible stand on this topic? Well, I just DON'T stinking know. So for now I'll defer to a much more pleasant topic: The moments of bliss that have arisen from my afternoon on this sunny, white winter day!!

This time of year generally brings people a lot of strong feelings: hope, peace, love, joy, fear, depression, anxiety, etc. But mostly good Christmassy feelings!

Can I just tell you how wonderful this afternoon has been?!?

1) I took the afternoon off of work, because it is December 11th and I still have 2 whole vacation days left!
2) I had Noodles and Company's Macaroni and Cheese with Chicken for lunch! (A perfect Zone-Diet meal, I might add ;)
3) I came straight to Barnes N' Noble. It smells of book and coffee.
4) I stacked my tiny table high with delicious books, getting all sorts of stares from onlookers and employees.
5) I bought a cherry pastry and carmel machiatto that the barista screwed up, but it was still good!
6) I have been here more than 2 hours, and I haven't had to go to the bathroom and lug my computer and all
7) A hold a really amazing secret that brings me underlying happiness. (No need to get any crazy ideas. It's probably not what you're thinking.)

Those are the "Rising action" moments that made my afternoon so Glorious. Now I'll tell you about the treasures that I have found in my last hour and 1/2 reading!

A) "The Highly Sensitive Person: How to thrive when the world overwhelms you" by Elaine Aron. I found out that i am a pretty definite HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)! This explains my intense personality, my animosity toward loud or repetitive noise, my stressed reaction when I'm in a big crowd for a long period of time, etc etc! Family, do you hear that? This is why I am a light sleeper! This is why I am an artist and think more with the right side of my brain! And it's genetic. You can learn a little bit by visiting: I don't have super-sonic powers, as once thought, but I just need my time alone and in quiet. I can't be too bored or too overstimulated! This is what makes babies colicky. I'm not as extreme as some of the quacky people the book describes, but wow. Intriguing.

B) "How to make people like you in 90 seconds: Make instant, meaningful connections: for Interviewing, etc)" Perfect for my job as a recruiter. The main thing I took from this book was FACE YOUR HEART, open towards the person you're talking to. Give an assertive, energetic smile and greeting. You will immediately notice their interest in you and they will trust you more! Don't cover your heart, turn your shoulders away, or leave your coat buttoned or zipped. This open body language is 60% of how you communicate. Verbal words only account for 7% of communication, and tone is 33%. Fascinating.

C) "The Pocket Muse" (I can't figure out how to underline something on this writing format. Book titles should be underlined, not in quotes, sorry picky people.) By Monica Wood. This book is brilliant. I wrote a lot of her writing ideas and quotes down in my notebook. The pauper's book store...copying the best parts of books into my own writing. =)

D) The fourth book was the gem of my afternoon. "Eat mangoes naked: Finding pleasure everywhere and dancing with the pits!" by SARK. She handwrites her pages. She is full of wacky and inspired ideas. She makes me smile and laugh out loud! She makes me feel this intense love for the unique person that I am! She is so completely deviant and unprecedented in her writing. She even has an inspiration hotline! I dare you to call it and listen to her awesome self for the 3 minute recording. The number is 415.546.3742. Visit and you'll see what I mean.

I get this welled up feeling of happiness that makes me want to explode sometimes, and it's rare. I hope you all get to experience that every once in awhile. I did today, 2 times! And yesterday once. I never want to stop getting that feeling. It's like a little glimpse of God's love for us, I think. SARK's books make me feel that way. What gives you that feeling?

Be blessed this weekend!


Jill Heaton said...

Liv, point A made me true. Good to know there's a name for it. So who did you inherit it from?

And, you can't say you have an amazing secret and not tell what it is - I think I stopped breathing for a second, til I read the parentheses.

livvv said...

LOL. I totally inherited it from dad, don't you think?! He gets annoyed also with sounds, cold, too many people, etc!

HAHaa, Sorry I promised I woudln't tell!

J said...

1) i believe the highly sensitive thing! yes all true about you. cool that theres a name. but yeah it makes u like a colicky baby..u cant have too much or two little..hard too keep you in the middle. like a scale. ha. and oh yeah i guess that makes sense that you get it from dad. i feel like he has gotten better at managing it thru life tho so thats good.

as for the rest, cute day that u read all that. fun. and as for the secret, yes you're tricky.

2)i dont think u need any help making ppl like you after 30 seconds haha.

3)i hate when im at barnes and noble and have to go the bathroom but have to load up everything or risk losing my seat.