Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Okay. Question of the day: If you had one completely free day (yeah, right) and you could do only one thing and be in one place for that day, what and where would it be?

I absolutely adore books. I could spend every single one of my husband's paychecks at a bookstore or at amazon.com buying books. Used book stores are my favorite because I get lotsa pages for my paycheck...haha, but if I just had one day I would spend it at Barnes N' Noble READING READING READING all day long. I love watching people there, and I love reading books from every section.

My ideal day -I think- would be: Work out every morning at 8 am, drink a big cup of coffee with vanilla creamer, go workout for 2 hours so I don't turn into a catapillar, drink a big protein shake, and spend the rest of the day reading and writing whatever I choose...I'd be SO EXCITED! I would need internet though, because without connecting with people for hours on end, I go a little crazy. And I want to learn sign language. I'd bring in tutors to teach me cool things! And I'd invite people over for tea all the time. Okay, I could only do this for a week. I have to switch up my life or I get reallly cabin-feverish.


Jill said...

I find it funny that you've become more of a bookworm than me now. :)

livvv said...

HAHA yes, all my extra money does go to books. I'm loving the shopaholic one I just bought, though!pr