Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cut finger, flu, and fainting

Okay, so this is how our week started out. Kev and I woke up feeling likecrap on Mondaymorning. I stayed home to get stuff done/sleep when the most eventful injury of my lifeoccurred. The reason my words keep slurring together is that i can hardly hit space bar. HAH! I cut my thumb like it was a soft potato...EWW! WARNING: if you have an ultimate mandoline from pampered chef, THROW IT AWAY or be careful. I forgot to use the safety thing because I must have misplaced it.

My finger started bleeding profusely, but i figured it was just a small cut and I'd be fine. However, I couldn't stop crying half an hour later...and sorry if this grosses you out but it wouldn't stop bleeding. SO my wonderful hubby came home and took me to the emergency room.

The emergency room peeps became our friends. we visited again the next morning because kevin passed out and knocked his head on the drywall, broke out in a sweat, and had a 102 fever. SO, in addition to taking care of my achy finger, i'mtaking care ofmy very miserable husband and we're both totally amped up on vikitin. (sp?) The problem is you have to eat food to take vikitin and we're so not hungry halfthe time. I'm going to refuse to believe that I have the flu too. However I'm all achy and headachy too.

It's hard taking care of someone! I've never had to do it before, especially for 3 days! It's now that i wish my mom could come wash our dishes, make us soup, and take care. I miss my mommy... and Kev misses his mom too. I feel like I'm not a good care-taker. Any tips??

Trying to stand on the foundation that "THE JOY OF THE LORD is my STRENGTH"

Help, help, help


Amanda Dean said...

That's rough!!! I will be praying for you guys! It is very difficult trying to care for someone else when you yourself feel like crap! I have been sick several times this season, and having a 2 year old who needs constant attention makes it even worse! Just remember that it won't last forever, and remember your vows "in sickness and in health". Love you guys! Hope to see you both soon.

livvv said...

I DO keep having to remember my vows, lol. It's soo weird...I really haven't had to sacrifice a lot up to this point. I'm definitely learning!

Thanks for the encouragement!

willow said...

I've cut myself several times on my mandoline. Funny, mine is missing. I wonder if one of the kids took it when they were home?

livvv said...

You're better for it...let your kids keep it! haha. I hope your fingers stay you can keep inspiring me on your blog ;)