Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I just want a popsicle

So, I've been in bed for 6 of the 12 hours I've been awake today.
Yes, I'm bored out of my mind so I decided to write a little poem.
It's called : Popsicle

I've got the spring sick blues
And I need new shoes
Woke up with a fever last night
Hate bein sick, don't you?

I prayed and tried to sleep
But I just feel so weak
I didn't throwup, but can't eat a thing
My day has been quite bleak.

I called the hubby to bring
just one quite little thing
but he said no, "he had to go,
to church real early to sing"

a Popsicle, A popsicle!
Is it really that hard to drop(-sickle)
off at the house, for your poor little spouse
who just wants a fruit flavored popsicles?
I don't care what kind it is
Cherry, plain, funny or fizz
One of those rockets would do the trick
Am I not more important than your biz?

I'll continue to wait right here
I'll be laying on the couch, my dear
just please come home without empty hands
I NEED a popsicle I fear.

If you get this soon, anyone, I will pay you to bring me a box of popsicles!


Jill Heaton said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well, Liv! Your poem is kind of ironic...

livvv said...

why is my poem ironic sister?

AllieKYC said...

Aw liv kevins a bum
he should've brought you 10 popsicles!!
jk but hope you're feeling better!