Thursday, April 2, 2009

Adam and Eve...part II

...this is a continuation of the story. See below for first excerpt...

Adam and Eve laid together and became one flesh.  They were naked, and yet shame was not even a notion they could conceive of.  

I went down to the garden that evening to be close to Adam, "mankind." What a wonderful feeling it is when I receive my creation's praise and devoted attention! 

We walked through the garden-as would any father with his children-enjoying the sights and sounds and just savoring our time together.  I tried to express my love to the two in words, so they could somehow get a better understanding of "Agape."  

I told Adam and Eve that in the same way they loved and took care of the flowers, plants, and other creations, I saw them with a love so infinitely more profound.  I declared, "Eve, you see the flowers and meadows as incredibly beautiful...  But YOUR beauty enthralls me, for your gorgeous and pure soul coupled with your outer beauty leaves me speechless.  And Adam, your work ethic and wild heart is more powerful than the very mountains I sculpted, the ones you look at with awe and excitement.  Watching you two love one another and respect me makes us even more proud than we were when we witnessed our first magnificent sunset."  Adam kissed Eve on the forehead, smiled, and took her trembling hand.  My glory has a tendency to bring about wonderful, strange, and humble behaviors.

I told Adam and Eve that they, like the trees and animals, were to be fruitful and multiply.  They didn't fully understand, but knowing that it had to do with another exchange of passion-they were thrilled.  They were anxious to fill my abundant earth and govern it! They knew they would need my guidance and I promised that I'd be with them every moment of their lives. 

Then, I walked them around the garden and gave them a tour. I explained each of our unique gifts to mankind and so many intricate workings.  "The wind carries plants' seed and pollen and scatters it across the land so the flowers will multiply. Bees also help with the pollination, but they also create one of the sweetest flavors: honey!  They make this by gathering nectar from the flowers they find.  They fly the nectar back to their hive and place it in the perfectly built hexagonal honeycomb cells that they create from the outside in (another one of our little miracles). The honeybees carry the nectar, mix it with enzymes that have been built into a special pouch in their tiny bodies, evaporate water out of the nectar mixture to thicken it, and when it becomes honey they cap off the cell in the comb with beeswax.  And walah, you have delicious fresh honey." We spent hours just talking and I explained so many things! They loved it, and of course, I loved talking about it too!  They especially enjoyed the idea of  camouflage-they thought chameleons got the coolest camo abilities.  I wanted to share everything, but that would come with time.

We played the first game of dodgeball with the juicy pomegranates and pears, until the baboons started throwing fruit too and we couldn't stop laughing! We laughed at the crazy monkeys until we could hardly breathe, and when we were just about to wipe away our tears of laughter, we were swept up in a moment of reverence as a herd of majestic deer leaped right through the rolling meadow we occupied.  They were followed by seven valiant white horses, who strode through the trees with graceful beauty.  It was heavenly-that whole evening with my children. 

I could see Adam and Eve eyeing one another (and I could feel their pulses racing, for we were walking in such unity!) I decided to leave them alone, though they were sad to see me go back to the heavens.  For, my children, you know my presence summons a deep fountain of joy in the depths of your soul, and so it was intended to be when my creations walk with me and seek my presence!  

We marveled at the two- Jesus, the Spirit, and I.  I reclined in the glorious heavenly throne and closed my eyes, still governing each living thing with precision.  We smiled ceaselessly.  The wholeness of our creation was complete--*ahhh* and we were resting and rejoicing as our created universe swirled and cried out in adoration!  Our love for creation and creation's love for us was in this moment united; complete; timeless.  

We rejoiced both quietly and loudly that day... and especially the next day when we declared a day of rest! The perfect Shabbat, Sabbath. And how truly restful it was.  REJUVINATING and peaceful like it would fail to be for quite some 'time.'  

As you read, my children, I know that you understand the world and its workings in such concrete implications of time. But know that time is virtually nonexistent here in the heavenlies.  A million years can pass like a day, for the joyousness of heaven is incomprehensible for you at this point. You will be pleased, just know that much.  Please trust me!  I KNOW YOU, and I know what is good for you! I am omnipresent, and omnipotent. My child, I AM GOOD. I AM. And as Adam and Eve were walking with every ounce of their faith in me, so too can you! I will help you, and I know you're tired and burdened.  I want to give you my indescribable rest, the Sabbath rest and peace that surpasses your understanding!

So....I hesitate to go on.  For to think of the spiritual battle that ensued is for me a heartbreak that you cannot even start to comprehend.  

So again, picture in your wonderful complex mind the singing creation and us and all the angels in the heavens singing over it.  It all resonated LIFE like humanity hasn't seen since that day.  For what was about to happen next would change everything...

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