Sunday, July 26, 2009

Busy nonsense...

Why is it that I choose to live this overwhelming life? As the days FLY by, I have had countless moments where I think "ooh, I should write a blog/story about that," but the busy wind behind me refuses to subside for even a moment to allow me to write a thought down.

I get busy to the point where my head is throbbing, my neck and upper back are in huge knots, and I can't breathe deep enough. I paint my nails and do my makeup in the car. I drink too much coffee.

Here are parts of my problem:
I love people...but I forget to give myself time alone to relax. I probably don't even give myself 1 hour a week to just sit or read for fun.
I love my life...but I don't want it to go this fast without stopping to enjoy it. I'm only 22.
I love being busy...but when I go go go go go, there's always a day where I break down and can't do it anymore. Is this kind of stress avoidable?
I love coffee...the whole experience that comes with a freshly brewed cup of coffee...but when I am too busy to sleep quite enough, I become addicted to this poison called caffeine and my headaches plan their schedule around it.

How do you slow down? How do people EVER have time to garden? To lay out in the sun? To paint or write or sew? To eat a popsicle outside on a hot summer day?

This is a bit of a vent...and it's not as bad as I'm making it sound. I just need help incorporating fun, relaxing things into my life. I just let it get out of control sometimes. I'm also adjusting to my first full time job, and it'll just take time. I'm trying...but I really need God's help. I want to live a peaceful life!!

I did get a chance yesterday to lay out by our friend's pool. It was SO AMAZING to get some freaking Vitamin D into my body. I'm thankful for my summer trips being almost over. My weekends exist now!

A partial contributor to my life of stress is Seussical the Musical that I'm in, which has been taking 3 hours of every evening for the last couple weeks. Our performances start in about 2 weeks: August 7-9 and 13-16 at the Quad City Music Guild, if anyone wants to come! It's going to be realllllly good, coming from a completely non-biased source :o) It's a ton of fun, just very time consuming. if anyone has any relaxation tips...bring them my way please!!

Thank you...I love you guys for reading my blogs. Please say hi to me on here so I don't feel "Alone in the [blogging] universe." (<-seussical reference life is a musical).

Peace out...


Aubrey said...

I'm coming!! And we are going to have a wonderful time enjoying the present moment and enjoying relaxing community together :) I SO agree with your goal of relaxation.

J said...

love ya liv! hope i can come!!

Anonymous said...

I love you girl, and "every little gonna be alright!" I vote no more coffee :).

Pastor Justin said...

Coffee aint the problem, you can always drink decaf.

I had 8 meetings and a wrestling practice yesterday all before 5 so I know how you feel. Here is my technique, I'm not perfect at it but I am learning.

Think of every day as a cup.

You can only pour out of a cup, what has been poured into it.

I try to spend half of my days pouring into my cup, and half pouring out. If you sleep 8 hours, that gives you 16 hours a day, 8 pour in, 8 pour out. Im never exact but hopefully my sabbath makes up for my lost hours of "pouring into" time.

Pouring into time includes:
TAWG, praying, reading, worshipping, playing with Javen, hanging with amanda, going for walks, riding my motorcycle, working out, listening to music, etc.

Pouring out includes:
Meetings, work, chores, church services, message prep, preaching, planning, doing, etc.

I put my "pouring into" time into my schedule just like my pouring out times. I have found if I don't schedule it, I will spend all my time pouring out. A person who doesn't get poured into, doesn't have much to pour out when they need to.

Make the Change. Schedule a date with you, Decaf Coffee, Sunshine, and Jesus.

PS. This will help your marriage too! If I haven't been getting poured into, Im a butt to live with!