Thursday, July 2, 2009

Costa Rica, An anniversary, and a week without internet

HAPPY 4th of JULY!

So click on that link to watch because my blog is all messed up.  That song "God bless the USA" ALWAYS makes me cry. I'm such a girl! I absolutely LOVE this time of year! On this day last year, I was pretty flipping excited because it was the day before our WEDDING!

 SO Alas, the time of year has come that we will be celebrating our VERY FIRST anniversary. And what a wonderful year it has been! 

We'll be departing on Sunday afternoon for San Ramon, Costa Rica. You might be thinking, "wow, what an amazing anniversary trip for your first anniversary."'s not exactly that picturesque. We'll be staying in the slums. haha. It's a mission trip, and we were asked to lead the trip. SO, this long weekend has been spent cleaning out the refrigerator, packing our bags, and shopping for some last minute craft supplies for the trip!

It should be a wonderful time. I'll get over the fact that I won't even be sleeping in the same bed as my husband for our anniversary (July 5th), being that the boys and girls sleep in separate rooms. We went on this same mission trip 2 years ago and it really was amazing. 

Any prayers you want to send our way would be very much appreciated! It will be quite a long day at the airport/driving tomorrow, but then we'll spend the week playing with kids and bringing them the Gospel. I've been trying to brush on my espanol, but it's still pretty sad sounding :) If there were one skill I could magically acquire, I would want it to be the ability to speak other languages quickly and fluently!

So anyway, here we are, it's the 4th of July and I'm about to leave the country for a week and leave my precious new Mac. My writing time will be spent in my old notebook, but it will be refreshing. And I bet I'll come home feeling MUCH more thankful than I have been in a while. If you believe in God, please pray that I will get better. I came down with this horrible achy/flu-like/swollen throat sickness yesterday, and it's even worse today. I want to go to Costa Rica healthy!

Happy 4th everyone. I love this country.

Updates from Costa Rica when I get back...

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