Friday, June 26, 2009

Superpower Friday

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with life that you just are on the brink of breaking down? I really mean this today when I say TGIF!! (Even though tomorrow is a 12 hour conference at church and Sunday is all booked up too.)

I'm not about to go jump-overboard-crazy, but it could be in the near future. (And I don't mean that in a literal way.) I'm just curious and kind of nervous for what will happen when I start having kids. I do not want to have nervous breakdowns, be an energy vampire, a complainer, or a stressed person in life, and the way things are headed doesn't look good. I need to change something because I'm a frazzled and tired person 65% of the time. 

If I had one magical power, it would be that I could fly. I think that could be the most exhilarating thing, and maybe it would be relaxing and theraputic.  I was going to say that I wish I could make more hours in the day, but that would be screwing with God's divine plan for time. I mean, don't we all practically beg for Fridays to roll around?

Maybe I would wish for the secret power of never needing the vampires in the Twilight saga. But I love naps, and I love cuddling up under the covers to sleep next to the love of my life during rainstorms and cold winter nights. 

How about the secret power of never being tired when you wake up in the morning? Yes, that sounds SO LOVELY!!  I would just wake up at 4am everyday! I would DEFINITELY do my hour of yoga that I've been neglecting, maybe go for a run, and spend some time writing until 7 when I needed to get ready for work!  

Okay, I just thought of another SWEET superpower. I know people who have this one. I would like to be inherently NEAT. just never messy or sloppy in life (handwriting, dishes, desk, kitchen, bedroom, living room) I just would be so pulled-together and organized. What a PEACEFUL LIFE!!! 

I guess I'm just going to need a few! ;o)

What would your super power be?

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Anonymous said...

We've talked about this over and over and it always comes back to the typical. I think I'd like to be able to teleport, because I love to travel and I want to see the world and it would be so cheap lol. Have a great Friday, love, see you later!