Friday, October 10, 2008

New Job, New hairstyle?!

So I've been a lazy blogger. I kinda forgot about it, actually. BUT, I need help!
I've taken a new full time job (my first ever!) at KWQC as an Account Executive to sell commericals!

I'm so excited and it's kinda a big deal for Kevin and I!
So, I already went short with my hair after our wedding, and darker, but I think I need a new haircut. I have an appointment tomorrow with Missy, my amazing stylist, and I need you guys to tell me which hair cut you like the best. We're trying to go professional...

I don't me a pic or something of one you like!! i need help guys. I'm bad at finding the hair styles I like online.


Amanda Dean said...

Ooooh how I love makeovers! I'm actually taking one of my small group girls to cut 10" off of her hair tomorrow! She's going to donate it to Locks of Love. Ummm, have you seen Nicole Richie's hair-cut? I actually think it was a while ago, when she cut it into sort of a grown-out bob, with some little side-bangs. Super cute!! And I bet it would be really flattering on you!

Steve said...

Speaking from the viewpoint of a balding, graying 50 year old, if I had something that enhanced my beauty, I would not want to cut it shorter. But I can only imagine having to make that decision - it's not an issue I've had to face in real life.

livvv said...

so I went with the middle pic, the reddish hair girl! I don't love it as much as I do on her, but maybe I'll post a new pic with my hair. I like it better up...but it'll grow!

I need to use my new camera!

Jessica said...

thats the one i liked best! good post a pic.. i wanna see!!