Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coffee in my blueberry mug

I'm sitting at my lovely little computer this morning, wishing I didn't have to get up off my lazy butt and go to class.  It's cold, it might rain, and I just feel plain lousy.  

But one thing I do have going for me is the delicious cup of warm chocolate flavored coffee sitting beside me, one very deserving of my last dollup of vanilla creamer.  It's time to go to the grocery store!  

All right---the verdict is in.  I have just decided I'm going to skip my first class.  I haven't intentionally skipped a class in like 2 weeks! That's pretty good for me :o/  I think a little nappy might do me well...and then I'll try to work on my paper that OH I have procrastinated on.  It's due April 20th.  "the theology of Marriage" This paper is laying the groundwork for future studies I want to do on divorce and how kids are affected by divorce.  I figured instead of wallow in my own pain, I should do something about it! I want to design a program/curriculum for churches to use to start support groups for people going through divorce...as well as adult children of the divorce, teens, and children. It's going to be quite an undertaking...but hey, anything is possible!

Ahhh, I love skipping class. I'm going to go enjoy this hour and 1/2 ;)


Anonymous said...

You are such a great writer...and i love the picture of us at the top :)

livvv said...

I think we look like vampires...our dark eyes! lol