Friday, September 19, 2008

Chicago has too many suburbs!

When people say they're from chicago, if they mean chicagoland area, which means they could still live an hour apart..if not more lol.  But it's okay, we're here in Wheaton right now!! 

These are the things I want to do while we're here:

Walk with Rainey and CATCH UP! Check.
Eat Bubble Tea at Joy Yee's (AMAZING)
Eat Barone's Chicago pizza in Glen Ellyn (YUMMM)
Drink coffee at La Spiaza with Amanda
Walk/Talk/Eat with JILL my sis! (and our lovely host)
Visit my wonderful little twin flower girls' family 
Shopping and Going downtown are out of the question because there are too many wonderful people to see!!

God is so good. I am so pumped up about Living Dangerously and being BOLD about my faith! Everyone should listen to the podcast or watch the video podcast of Kingdom Youth Church I attached the link...try to watch the one from September 17th 2008!

I gotta to to chapel! Ah, good memories from Wheaton :) 


Steve said...

This is an interesting topic... if Chicago has too many suburbs, which ones would you get rid of?

livvv said...

I guess you're right...I wouldn't get RID of them. That's impossible, lol. But I would kick them out of "chicagoland." The ones more than 30 minutes away from the city should just be called "x" city, like all the other towns and cities in illinois have to be! They ALL want to be in on the "chicago" fun and they're just not quite there ;)

Amanda said...

Awwww I love your blog so far. And whole foods salad was a fair trade for la spiaza coffee, but you still need to come again so we can do both :) i loved seeing you this weekend and i can't wait until you come backkkkk. hurry!

MacKenzie said...

hahah I'm with you Liv... if I could get rid of the "suburbs... if your past half and hour... your not part of chicago.... I am actually from Chicago right off of Stony. Right off of Lake Shore. So yea...