Monday, September 15, 2008


I'm pretty excited. I have my own blog! This is going to be the start of something very exciting in my life...writing for the public to see! I'm a compulsive and sporadic journal-er and due to the current technology trends/not that current anymore, I've decided to move up in the writing world.
It's called "no apologies" for a few reasons:
1. My favorite and most inspirational English teacher in High School, Mrs. Baruffi, told us never to apologize for our writing! It's a natural human tendency, when others are about to read something we wrote, to get defensive and make excuses for our work. I've since adopted that as my own policy. If I think something I write might be bad, it obviously needs help from other people. If it's really bad, I'll just write it in my old school journal for only my eyes to read!

---mrs. suzie baruffi taught us to be colorful and creative and make a daybook! she birthed my love of writing, especially with juicy pens!

2. I am such an apologetic person! I am a softie! SO, therefore, as an extension of the first point, I am not going to apologize for myself in life! I'm learning to be less timid and stick up for what I believe. Which leads to my next point...

3. I am an unashamed, unrestrained Christian-"follower of Christ!" I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and believe in the Bible as the inspired word of God. Some other people in this big disastrous world don't believe in God, which can result in TENSION! But especially in this area of my life, I will not apologize for what I believe because we're called to speak the truth boldly.
(This doesn't mean, though, that I dislike or love you any less if you aren't a Christian! Nor does it mean that I'm an aggressive, pushy, judgemental Christian. I'm trying so stinkin' hard to follow Jesus and definitely not be any of those things...ahh, those traits can ruin christianity.)

SOO, as this blog develops into...whatever it happens to become, I hope it can be a place of enlightenment and fun for me and for people who might read it!

The next blog will be more about me and my life dreams!!


Amanda Dean said...

Welcome to Blogger-ville! Now life can truly begin :0)

Christianna said...

Yay! It's so exciting u got ur own blog!...and Liv, lol, u crack me up, I could hear your voice saying "I try so stinkin' hard" lol ur adorable!

keturah said...

i think i may have been a student of suzie baruffi consnuffi and i have been trying desperately to find her! Everything you've said confirms that i have finally found her, in a sense. if you are still a student of hers PLEASE tell her that keturah is trying to find her and still has the poem she wrote in my journal about the single, lost shoe. if she or you need verification ask her about calabazza (she resisted me adding the extra Z) and the last lit-mag we made where she stood by me and refused to let my voice go unheard.
if you are one of her kids or you can reach her, please let her know i have an ode for her, i miss her, and it would mean the world, the world to just see her and have coffee, just tell her i've taken trains further since, but if she's willing i'd bring emily again this time, both of us all grown up.
know that you are the luckiest young woman to know her and if you listen to her, she can teach you strength and fortitude, but most of all how to live honestly, as a sage woman. please get back to me. i have been looking for her for so many years just to say thank you for all that she's done.