Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things I want to do before I die:

Victory! I figured out how to add a picture. That took me a retardedly long time.

1. Okay: so this picture is from the Walt Disney Half marathon! This is definitely on my list! Next year it happens 2 days before my birthday: on January 12, 2009. It's at 6 AM before the park opens! whoa, that means waking up way before dawn. Notice the darkness of this picture! I'm pretty sure we can't afford it next year, but in the future I'd love to run this with Kevin. ( I also want to run the Nashville Country Music half marathon because Tennessee is just a sweet state, and I'd love to run the one in Springfield just because Abe Lincoln was from there and he's my favorite president. Plus, I grew up around there. I'd be a run down memory lane! I want to run a full marathon once in my life. I think this one should be in Chicago so I can be like my dad. Jill and Jessica (my sisters), you should do it with me!! Probably in like 2 years...you think? I also want to wear a shirt that says "Kick asphalt" for one of the races! Is that inappropriate? lol

2. Become a wonderful cook. I love home cooked meals and I'm not going to become lazy and buy frozen dinners and frozen everything (not that i'm against it) but it's way too convenient and it seems like cheating to me. I admit I've bought frozen stuff...a lot...but I've only been married for 2 months! I need more practice time. I'll put my fav recipies on my blog!

3. Stop my bad habit of being a little late everywhere I go!

4. Be confident!

5. Get at least 1 book published before I die

6. Have kiddies! I love children and I definitely want to have at LEAST 3. But I definitely want 2 girls. Don't worry, this isn't happening anytime soon if we can help it!

Shoot, to make number 3 even slightly possible today, I have to go meet with my adviser now!
I want to do a lot more things before I die, but this list will just have to wait!


Anonymous said...

no way on the half marathon. i gotta at least get through a 5k first.

i'm subscribing to your blog so you'd better keep it interesting ;-) I can't wait to see you this weekend!!! i mean in 2 days!!!

Christianna said...

Liv, that's a nice list of things.

Jessica said...

i also added you.. so yes you better keep it interesting lol. i will run the chicago someday with you, except it will probably be my second one, sometime after october 2015. i also hopee to do the disney full marathon some day. <3

Steve said...

Woohoo! Is it OK for me to put a link to your blog on mine?

Steve Griffin

livvv said...

of course you can steve! I'd be honored!

Okay sisters, I'll try to live up to your high standards, geez lol.