Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Confessions of a recent book junkie

APPARENTLY MY BLOG NEEDS TO STAY EXCITING!! So, my needy sisters, I hope I don't disappoint you! Will lots of exclamation points do it?!

So, the day I've been waiting for for a MONTH finally came today!! My books that I've been holding at the library FINALLY came in! Lately, I've become a book junkie. This happened, I think, because I went almost all summer without reading or taking classes. My mind had a total "cleansing fast" and it acutally rocked! I didn't know this had happened until I picked up "The Shack." My mind was SO THIRSTY that it went crazy. (The shack tops my favorite list right now, despite its somewhat controversial theology, and I think everyone should read it at least once. Especially if you have questions or doubts about God, the trinity, and human suffering. It was so good that I bought it after I read it; something I am usually too thrifty to do!) I started devouring pages like I haven't done since Harry Potter. Yes, I admit, I am a Hogwarts student wannabee.

My reading addiction continued with the Twilight series *** wonderful. It makes vampires seem so real and truly existent...and unexplainably attractive! However, I have maybe found some fallacies, or questions. If anyone reads them, which you seriosuly should if you haven't given them a chance, can you answer these questions:
1. Why can Alice see Bella's future if Bella is immune to all their powers?
2. If Edward were able to control himself and marry Bella while she's still a human, if they procreated would their kid be born a vampire?
3. Can vampires even have kids since they're immortal (and they never change ages?) Maybe these questions will be answered by the end of the fourth book. I just started the third, so don't ruin it for me!! I have more questions, too, but I forgot to bring in my journal.

So, in addition to reading about 1500 pages in the last month, I've been dying to get my hands on some of SARK's books and a book called "Escape" by Carolyn Jessop. SARK is the author I mentioned in my first blog, who freed me from my fear of writing FINALLY!, and writes motivational and hilarious books by hand. The one by her that I was waiting for at the library is called "Succlent Wild Woman" -Dancing with your wonder-full self! I'm pretty excited. It's not christian, but I think it'll teach me how to live and love life a little better. It's a national bestseller too, so you don't usually go too wrong with those.

"Escape" is a first hand account of a woman who was born into a radical polygamist cult. At eighteen, she became the fourth wife of a fifty-year old guy and had EIGHT children in FIFTEEN years! When their leader began to preach about the apocalypse, she knew she had to get her kids out...she vowed not to escape without them!! So she calls her brother who snuck out of the cult years earlier to help her. They only give women vans with enough gas to get to the convenient store like 5 miles away, so she meets her brother there in the middle of the night to escape. That's all from the summary thing I read...soo I can't wait to read it.

I'm acutally blogging at the Library right now becuase, as I may have mentioned, we are really stinkin thrifty, it being our first quarter year of marriage! haha so we don't have wireless internet at home, and we don't even have any neighbors to mooch off of! Those darn security-enabled wireless neighbors!

I've offically left each blog entry (a whooping 3!) at a different place! Maybe I should see how long I can go posting at random places. I have the school library, the Moline public library, and Dead Poet's Expresso coffee shop so far on my list. I definitely have more options.

I'll leave you with something I was thinking about today:
Did you know that men can sometimes think about nothing and women can't?! It seems unfair. Sometimes I just want my mind to slow down and stop. It seems hyperactive at most points in the day. If any guys are reading this, I was wondering when exactly in your day you zone out and stop thinking. Does it feel weird or numb, or do you even realize you're doing it?

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Jessica said...

ok.. i have to post.. im extremely excited that you've read twilight!!! but yes you must finish.. i will say.. i think that maybe alice can see what will happen to bella just when it involves other people.. but im not really sure. but good.. we'll have to talk about them sometime!