Monday, March 30, 2009

Adam and Eve...part 1

...And I "blew into his nostrils the breath of life"...

He stood up and dusted away the dirt that covered his carefully crafted body.  He opened his deep brown eyes and was astounded at the sights and sensations.  The colors were so vibrant- the lush cushy deep green grass under his clean feet.  The intense blue sky reflected off the flowing streams all around the garden.  It was so gorgeous- all my splendor imparted into each molecule and organism.  But my most beloved creation was Adam, in whom I placed a soul, a most complex brain, and then-a heart, a heart to love me back with. Each function of his body was designed by the Spirit, my beloved Jesus, and I.  Many ideas and perfections combined to form a sort of proto-type of us.  Our breath and pieces of our perfection we interwove into this complex being.  Like the angels, but with a most important trait: his free will.  He would use this to praise and glorify us, his very creators! I entrusted him with the beautiful garden, things great and small- and in this gigantic task I equipped him with the abilities to accomplish such an endeavor; I gave him strong hands and muscles running through every inch of his statuesque body.  And, Oh how I loved him! This beautiful man made in my image! I could cry just speaking of him, for I read his soul and it embodied so much purity.  I warned him, though, "you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die, my beloved son."  For I knew that I must protect this son of mine from the evil one! Also, My knowledge and wisdom were far too powerful for this creation to handle, in his finite mind.  He smiled in understanding.

I chuckled with Adam as he murmured his first words and felt the vibrations charge through his vocal chords.  He was delighted in every way, as was I!  As he named the species, one by one, he realized more and more how creative and powerful I am! It was so fun to see him discover each special piece of our unique designs.  We watched as Adam carefully tended to each section of the garden with ease and fervent care.  All the while, I sensed his deep unspoken longing for a partner to understand and share in his joy.  I looked from species to species of animal; the ferocious and sturdy lioness-the confident, playful chimpanzee- the colorful and glorious peacock...but none of our brilliant creations were suitable for my beloved Adam.  Who could I create for him to give him even a glimpse of the love I have for him, for I knew his small heart couldn't withstand the magnitude of my powerful Agape!  

After pondering and replaying my perfect plan with Sari and Jesus, I imparted a deep sleep upon Adam (a holy anesthetic!) While he lay asleep on the soft ground, I took one of Adam's ribs and tenderly sewed him back up.  While he was healing, I formed the rib into a most beautiful version of my son, in a way that would complete him. 

When they awoke, you couldn't put a price on the astonished look (not to mention a pounding heart) that overtook Adam.  He grew short of breath and I steadied him with my right hand.  Adam was virtually speachless.  He studied and observed the contour and curves of Eve's body.  This breathless look I'll never forget, but then again I remember everything :).  He touched the scar on his left rib, then smiled up at me.  He acknowledged me for this gift.  So pure and vast was the gratefulness of my Adam's heart.

Oh as I looked down at the very first man and woman, I was overwhelmed at the glory they embodied.  They marveled at one another, and again, all I could think was how good creation turned out.  And for a split second, every person who would ever be flashed before my blazing eyes, and I cried out with joy! 

I refreshed the land from within. I cared for these two beings as much as I cared for my own son, Jeshua. My Agape was abundant in the land...and the two found a soft place under a flowering willow, where they began to explore each other with wonder and awe....

**this is just a little creative spin on how I picture the beautiful creation of humanity.** 

And there's probably more to come ;)

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Jill Heaton said...

This is great Liv! I love how tender God is in this story. And the incorporation of Sari :). Glad to see that you've added Plinky to your blog, too.