Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quirky Me

Mind Querks:

If you’ve been around long enough, or maybe if you’re quirky like me, you will realize that our minds are a strange place.

Here are some of my brain quirks…weird things I think and do on a regular basis:

1) When I’m running or walking outside and I see an ambulance with the lights off, I always think “Okay, body, if you’re going to have a heart attack, faint, or something else crazy, do it right now because then they can be my hero and save me!” Not that I want to have a heart attack, but that would be the opportune time.

2) If I see an ambulance with the lights on, I always pray for the person inside but I don’t think that’s too quirky.

3) I always do weird things with my fingers, like tap beats, but then I always have to do it with the other hand too, or I just can’t stand that both sides of my body aren’t equal.

4) I have an obsession with words. Sometimes I will get one stuck in my head all day long and just repeat it over and over…like a song but it’s just a word. It gets very annoying sometimes. One word in particular that seems to creep steadily into my dendrite infested mind is: juxtaposition. I don’t use it in conversation a lot, but it’s just a perplexing and “yummy” word you might call it. Just say it out loud, “JuX-tuh-poh-zih-shun” (would that be the correct phonetic spelling? Haha. I also love and get the word absolution stuck in my head.

5) I don’t want to touch a cup full of cold icee or frappucino goodness or fruity smoothie with my warm hands…I will never hold it where the liquid is because I don’t want it to melt or get warm! I usually drink these drinks quickly…I never get to savor them because I’m so afraid that it will be runny at the bottom if I wait even 14 minutes!

6) I also drink hot drinks fast so they don’t get lukewarm, but if they do, I won’t usually drink the rest.

7) I have an obsession with homophones. I made a list when I was like ten years old of like 100 or something homophones that my dad and I could come up with (i.e. Sunday—Sundae, eye—I, cite—site, etc.) and the good ones were the TRIPLE homophones (pair—pear—pare, two—too—to, their—they’re—there) and if you can think of a quadruple homophone, I think I’ll buy you an ice cream cone. No cheating though! (like google...defintiely a cheater’s site…haha)

8) When people say “oh my God” I hate it so much. One time in my bible study growing up, I heard that it’s like an arrow piercing God’s heart when people say that because they say his name in VAIN and it makes him really sad. So whenever I hear someone say that or a version of it, I say “I love you God” ten times so it makes God smile again. HAha. I’ve just always done that.

9) When I read, I write down big words that I don’t know and look them up in the dictionary afterwards. I want to have a BIG vocab…can you blame a girl?

What are your quirks?!

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