Friday, March 20, 2009

A bash on scrunchies...when you are wearing them XV years too late...

Have you ever seen someone wearing a scrunchie? Of course you the 1990s! They were the coolest accessory around. A little scrunch of cloth around a hair tie, usually complimenting the outfit with ease. But I must say, if there is an accessory today that can send someone's style swirling down the wrong path...this one is it.

There was a girl in my class this morning, and usually every morning, who ties her ponytail back with a big blue scrunchie...Now I'm not saying that she's a bad person. But honey, scrunchies are 10+ years out of style. Heck, scrunchies were hot back then. YOu could wear them over a low ponytail, on your wrist, or however else you wanted to wear them. But girl, you are screaming to the world "I am still living in the 90s!"

These twentieth century pieces of scrunched up cloth are old school, in a semi-trashy way. My apologies to you if you still wear or like scrunchies. But, c'mon guys, we live in 2009! Wrap your hair tie in your own hair, wear a headband, wear pig tails, wear a banana clip, but just don't take the path of the forbidden scrunchie. It's kinda really...just old but not vintage or cool, you know? I hope I'm not alone in this thinking.

The 90s were sweet in their own way! You had:
1) People freaking about Y2K...stocking up their basements with food and water, as if that would have helped if the world ended.
2) The rise of boy bands. Oh yes, the heart throbs of every girl...Disney can make people fortunes.
3) MarioKart as the coolest game in the world
4) The rise of Ultimate Frisbee
5) Nickelodian (sp?) shows like Rugrats, Doug, and Are you afraid of the dark? (which scared the crap out of me!)
6) Umbro soccer's innate coolness
7) Charm bracelets
8) The coolness/newness of lunchables
9) Beanie Babies..I still remember the name of my first one
10) Walkmans/portable CD players...old school version of ipods...and now they're like 5 dollars
11) Pogs
12) Warheads
13) Saved by the Bell and Boy meets world
14) Snap bracelets
15) THe yoyo craze
16) Surge...the coolest soda we have surge on steroids: rockstars, monsters, and rediculous energy drinks/pills/gum/etc

If something is on this list, don't you think it should maybe stay in the past?


Amanda Dean said...

Haha! I have one to add....Starter jackets! You know, those team jackets that you would get your name embroidered on across the back? I had a Chicago Bulls Starter jacket! Too funny, thanks for the memories :0)

livvv said...

Haha, YES! Starter jackets were the coolest. I didn't have one :( But I had an Adidas one...which were like second coolest!

AllieKYC said...

I loved Boy meets world
And Growing pains too!!
and saved by the bell and all that stuff.
and are you afraid of the dark scared me to!!
I remember this freaky one with possesed dolls!!