Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Atmosphere and People make it all happen

Have you ever tried to sit down and enjoy your morning cup of coffee, but there is just stress in the air? Some coffee shops (a few Starbucks in this area have earned this reputation in my mind)  just hold an aura of stress and distress. People rushing in to get their coffee hardly take a moment to smile or pause. Another coffee shop that I LOVE the atmosphere in has really awkward people working there...Therefore I can't enjoy my coffee in peace. (Not to mention their lack of wireless ;)

I'm in a new coffee shop today "Cup A Joe" and can I just say, it's the perfect little spot! 
All the chairs have armrests, first of all. 
Second, they're playing Michael Buble music and oldies.
Third, their coffee of the day was called "Fudge Brownie" and it's delightful.
Fourth, There are pictures under glass on each table.
Fifth, the coffee was only 1.30 so I gave the guy 2 bucks and got an amazing cup of coffee with a free refill.
Sixth, the ceilings are high and it's the perfect temperature: not too hot, not too cold. 

I'm in heaven. I could sit in a coffee shop on my Mac all day long (especially since the battery lasts literally 4 hours longer than my Dell!) However, I do have to go to my lovely job. I enjoy my job, but not as much as I would enjoy the job of an author/journaler/blogger all day long. Maybe I should be a coffee-shop reviewer for a local newspaper (since they're hiring and

What is your favorite coffee shop like? Or maybe it's just your living room?


Joanne said...

Love that Cool Beans Coffee ... where is it? It looks like my kinda place. So fun.

I discovered a new Coffee shop in nyc this Spring - City Market Cafe, a little hole in the wall on Madison Avenue, filled to the brim with life, and color and chatter and tiny tables and big desserts, ny passing by outside the window. I miss it now.

Anonymous said...

Fireworks has always been a favorite because I have great memories there. Since the hours are a bit awkward I don't go as much at all, but it is a great atmosphere. Maybe a bit too big for my liking, but it's very fresh and peaceful.

Amanda Dean said...

That little shop looks so adorable! Where is it at? I haven't been able to lounge in coffee shops very often since having Javen. But my brand new favorite spot is right in our new living room. Our couch faces a giant, uncovered picture window that overlooks the backyard. I love looking out over all of the green grass, rabbits and birds in the morning. If only I could wake up as cheerful as they do! :0)

Eldon said...

Isn't this in moline, down by the mark and lago marcienos or whatever?

livvv said...

Yeah! Jake you know where it is...downtown Moline, I think on 5th Avenue and 13th street? It's definitely on 5th Avenue.

Aww, Amanda I can't wait to see your new house!

Joanne, wish I was in NYC right now enjoying a cup of joe at that cafe with you!

Joe and Amy said...

I must say that I think New Zealand is the coffee capital of the world! There are coffee shops everywhere. I am sitting at one in the mall and can see three others from where I sit. I agree, there is not much better than a great atmosphere, cheap (but delicious) coffee, and music that isn't too loud or distracting! Wish I could sit down for a cuppa with you!