Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stuffed to the brim

Okay, so I think a hot dog eating contest is the grossest thing to ever be invented (perhaps??) but I feel like I just competed in one!!

I don't know why I do it, but every few months I forget how horrible it feels to eat too much. I did it today. It wasn't all at once either...but good things kept coming into my path...as usual in the corporate world. Sadly, today, I didn't turn anything away. Then, when Kevin and I went out for date night tonight, I ate a stuffed baked potato and frozen yogurt with a freshly baked waffle cone (probably my very biggest weakness). Even after dumping out a big scoop so I could get to the cone, I was hardly able to move. 

You gotta hate those days where you just use little to no discernment :(

If I could eat guilt free for a day, this is what I would eat lots of:
1) Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
2) Waffle cones
3) Pizza

Here are my healthy pleasures:
1) Salads...almost any kind!
2) Strawberries, peaches, and blueberries
3) Orange Juice
4) Milk
5) Oatmeal
6) Cereal
7) Lettuce Wraps
8) Turkey
9) String Cheese
10) Cottage Cheese (still gotta get my cheese).

I really do love healthy food! I just don't always do a good job of making it!

What are your favorite guilty and unguilty food pleasures?


Joanne said...

Guilty of loving all things chocolate. And coffee. But it's not just the coffee, it's the whole coffee ritual :)

Anonymous said...

Chicago stuffed pizza is something I never turn down, you know that :). I love red meat and mashed potatoes and Whitey's ice cream. It seems like the few "healthy" things I like are still heavy...
Oh well, I think I'm getting better at least!

I love you.

Joe and Amy said...

Ah! I love that I read this post today! I am sitting here eating a salad (wishing it was ice cream) trying to make up for an awesome food weekend! Some of my friends flew down from Auckland for my b-day and they LOVE food too...we had choc cake and hot chai for breakfast, soulvakian (sp?) kebabs and banana dark chocolate crepes for lunch, and then came home to snack...and were given cupcakes!! I was def stuffed! My favorite healthy stuff I've been trying to eat since then? fresh fruit smoothies for brekky, apple walnut feta salad or rye w/ fresh herbs and ricotta w/ lots of veges for lunch and a balanced dinner! Sorry so long! I loved this post! (p.s.- my new fav -if you have a blender -is about 2 cups of watermelon and a/b 5 fresh mint leaves- blend until liquid! mmmm:)

Amanda Dean said...

So I JUST had Whitey's, then I read this blog and my mouth started watering when you mentioned the stuffed baked potato. Oh man, it's going to be a looooong 9 months! haha

livvv said...

HAHAAA I love pregnant people!! Can't wait to be one.

Food is so wonderfully enjoyable ALL the time though! Isn't it such an amazing gift from God?